Sunday School

Our inclusive Sunday school takes place during the 10:00am service on Sundays at St. Mary’s. It is open to all children from 1 day olds right up children in their teens. Parent’s are welcome to accompany their child on the first few sessions, but we encourage parents to leave their children in our care after this as often the room can get very busy.
We aim to provide a structure for teaching God’s word, that mirrors the main service and sermon in the church in an engaging and fun way. Children of all ages groups can participate and enjoy learning about the Gospel and the Good News.
From craft projects such as painting stained glass windows to making piggy banks; singing fun songs with actions; watching cartoons that explain the bible stories through the use of our large wall projector connected to a laptop; all age groups can leave Sunday School with a chance to reflect on their relationship with God and their understanding of their own faith.
We have a team of dedicated, CRB-checked leaders who can challenge misconceptions and see the spiritual development of each child. Beyond activities that take place within the Sunday School, children also have an opportunity to take fun part in the Eucharistic prayers and often present their songs  or crafts to the congregation.
The Sunday School leaders also work to bring special events together to allow children to both enjoy the space of the church and have more time to reflect, for example recently the Sunday School held a sleepover in the church to raise funds for maintenance work on the roof.